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"I will pass through this world but once. Any good, therefore, that I can do or any kindness I can show to any fellow creature, let me do it now. Let me not defer or neglect it for I shall not pass this way again." 1859 Household Words Weekly Journal

Space Rocker: The Novel

by Michael Steenbergen


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Space Rocker: The Novel
Professor James Duncan, Rocker was just his stage namfrom playing in a band, continued to work on his book about the statistically anomalous biological variation found in this part of the Amazon, or why there is such a variety of coloand design in all the living things here. Genetic diversity in this area was actually the greatest othe planet. Anthropology an

Professor Duncanís central academic pursuits. Now they were his hobby. Four yearearlier he had changed to the Physics DepartmeHis three theoretical letters regarding Para psychological energy sources (Thought = Energy = Mass Accelerated to the Speed of Light Squared), Laser Light Writing with the beam and particle nature of Light, and the Plasma Barrier Force Field designed to create a Cosmic Egg had garnermuch attention. The only way he could get his life back was to change to the Physics department and pursue the theories actively. Now the cel
meantime, he was enjoying his special 6 month summer sabbatical. Working in the Social Sciences had always been self development and made him feel as if he were pursuing his personal search for morality. Rocker
all plane shook violently. Shocked out of his reverie by the surprise jolt, he had no idea what hstruck the plane. However, a gaping hole in the fuselage was clearly visible when he scanned the aircfor the impact point. He thought he saw a wisp of smoke stream from thhole. This was no bird strike. Panic set in. Rocker knew immediately that that
d to the other members of his expedition. He was glad to be alone on this flight. At least this way, if he was unable to pull the aircraft through the crisis anthe plane crashed, no one else would be hurt.
Flying much too low for a parachute, Rocker had no choice but to attempt to minimize the impact from the imminent crash as his only chance for survival. He quickly turned the aircraft into a slow glide, trying to reach the river itself, and avoid a dangerous wreck into the forest canopy. Skipping the plane like a flat rock across a lake was the only idea that came into Professor Duncanís mind.
The fuel had emptied itself quickly through the damaged fuselage. The engine was beginning to sputter. The following power loss and resulting stall occurred much faster than Rocker anticipated. Another wave of panic struck as his slow circling glide turned into a steep uncontrolled dive. He no longer had any manner of steering the aircraft.
A native Amazonian hunting party had intently watched the small plane during its morning flight. The brightly painted men all had their eyes on the sky. The leader of the hunting party saw a spuff of smoke as the plane was impactHe frowned as if burdened. When the plane began to circle above their tribal territory, a level of apprehension seemepass through the natives. It was clear by the sudden dive of the aircraft it was coming down in the region of Peru controlled by the Chapeck Aneal, the oldest tribe of the American continents. The tribe of the Chapeck Aneal is unknown and undocumented by the society of the 21st century. At the direction of the leader, the natives slowly began to make their way through dense jungle towards the apparent site the falling aircraft would impact.

Professor Duncan saw the mountainside rush up at him. He said a prayer, for himself, the creatures in the forest below, and all of humanity upon his demise. With those few words between him and God he was satisfied his worldly affairs were in order and assumed the crash position. He ducked his head to the side of the controls, and covered it with his arms. He was briefly thankful the fuel leak left small chance of an explosive crash. Maybe he would surviveÖ


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