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"I will pass through this world but once. Any good, therefore, that I can do or any kindness I can show to any fellow creature, let me do it now. Let me not defer or neglect it for I shall not pass this way again." 1859 Household Words Weekly Journal

Space Rocker: The Novel

by Michael Steenbergen


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Chapter 3


Inside the funnel of the whirlwind, another figure appeared with Rocker. Though hazy and indistinct through the thick dust, it had the shape of a man and looked like it was attacking him. The tingling of the force rippled up and down Rocker’s back, electrifying him. Rocker’s own figure, stood upright and stretched his arms. A flash of lightening crackled above his hands.

The other figure disappeared, the whirlwind vanished, and Rocker was showered in falling dust and grass. The natives stood motionless, every eye on the dusty, dirty Rocker. Rocker brushed himself off, laughed, looked at the group and said,

“Strange stuff like that always happens to me. It’s nothing. Hey, my name is Rocker and I’m ready to learn to play!”

The natives laughed and all began to say their names and embrace Rocker, one by one. No one questioned where he came from or what he was doing with Pajaro. They all treated Rocker essentially like ‘one of the guys’.

The game lasted all day. It reminded Rocker of the version of soccer played by the gods in the Mayan Popul Vu. In this version, one ring about three foot around, stood in the center of the field. It served as the ‘goal’ for both teams. Instead of playing from end to end on the field, like in European and modern South American soccer, play circled the one goal, and it was simply the direction the ball went through the ring that determines who would be awarded a score. Even in Mayan soccer each team had their own ring, more like modern goals.

This Peruvian version had many unique variations aside from the one goal. Rocker spent the day learning as many of the rules as he could, and even managed a fair showing late in the afternoon, making two goals in succession. His reward was to be showered in a beer like beverage that the natives were insistent he drink to excess. Rocker liked the amiable tribesmen and they played together past dusk.

Sweaty, grimy, and exhausted, Rocker collapsed on the floor of his hut. Close behind came Pajaro who also dropped like a rock. Two steaming basins, and fresh linens and clothes had been placed neatly at their disposal.

“Rocker, my friend, if you had the fever, I guarantee we just sweated it out of you. I think we can announce you fully cured this evening.”

“How can I be cured if I feel worse than after the accident?” Rocker stretched and reached a hand down to his sore calves. Every muscle he had felt like it was on fire. Though the aim of the soccer game did not include physical contact, there seemed to have been an inordinate amount of tumbling, crashing and smashing throughout the contest.

“Tonight you will get to speak with the Feathered One at the dance. It will be a casual get together and the Chief himself dances for hours. Cenisa and Pedra are back so the whole group of our rulers will be there. That includes myself as Prince, Cenisa as Queen, Pedra as Princess and Little Feather as Chief. It will be a real fiesta!”

The men cleaned themselves With water from the basins. Baked each dressed in the fresh close the lot that the reader had left for them. Very huge dressed. They each dressed in the fresh clothing that Pedrita had left for them. While still inquisitive rocker had no success in eliciting be even a single answer from Popul, head ofcontinental. PAJ day are no TV eight J. date are low. PAJB are a period… Paragraph paragraph

He gave up and turned his attention to being well prepared for the evening’s festivities. Popul Durrell looked at him with admiration. Hope Lange

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But she’s my cousin rocker what makes you think you’ll are good enough for her

“ I hold my own value anad good enough is a relative concept, Pajaro.”

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Yes rocker we must not keep the ladies waiting period. This way follow me you haven’t seen where the tribe holds this kind of gathering. Enter into a inter back injured

Rocker and caught Joe PGA rocker and PGA PGA Gianni she she Jerry Popul role and rocker took a new path. It went away from the water heater rocker was beginning to learn that area. The man came to an open field. Much larger than the sports field the young people had utilized all day long this clearing was clearly designed as a temple for some type of warship.

They’re across the field was a raised platform upon which Cenisa Pedrita and the feathered one all set together. In between native of electors villagers were spread across the entire meadow mixing and mainly in a relaxed social atmosphere mingling. I have and had had had

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country in such dark times

Popul drove had been right. The gathering a year to more than casual up year two a tiered. Enter into. Enter.

Yes Popul was right. Warriors danced and talked with farmers. Fishermen danced and talked with hunters. Baker’s dense and tall with weaver’s. And all groups deter me goal for you to Lee during. And all groups intermingle freely. Was command file. It. Danger danger danger. Inter. It it harder

The chief had seen them across the clearing and quickly signal for them to join him. Rocker and his companion made their way through the wrong of festive natives. For all for all the frog of people. Group B. quill for all for all

Two rockers extreme and pleasure that chief gesture for him to sit next to the leader of the trial which by the way delay stem next to Cenisa in between the father and the dog daughter. Finally may be you would get that dialog in desperately been seeking. Of course sitting next to the chief put him at the center of the Knights activities. Again as usual another obstacle.

“ rocker I am glad to see you could make it tonight. You appear to be fully healed. Perhaps we can test that prognosis during the evenings dancing. Did you spend the day well landlord rocker.”

More then we’ll chiva feathered one. More than twelve chief for other one chief feathered one. Extremely enjoyable. I remain a little sore and feel like I have been through another plane crash but other than these minor details I feel great. Thank you for your concern.” Rocker to turned to his other side and looked directly into Cindy says eyes. “ and how does the day Friday you might lady clean Cenisa clean clean fourteen fourteen clean queen.” And are injured

“ lord rocker I find myself in excellent humor. Great times for my people, good signs for the future, and friends with close family break for a bread with me tonight.” Turned

“ but my lord rocker it is not by IE who will take your attention to nine. It is my father. We will have art and students we will have our chance to dance. But first you must begin to learn who we are and consequently do you are.”


The Sacred Cave of the Chapeck Anneal.

-Space Rocker: The Song- Light skimmer, Light walker... Smooth talker, Space Rocker.... White silver clouds and deep blue sky will you open up and let us pass by... A safe place in the universe... Will we find it in our search? Light skimmer, Light walker... Smooth talker, Space Rocker... Going past the furthest stars... there's no question that we're going far... but when we get there can we survive the bombs and the poisons that we derive? Light skimmer, Light walker... Smooth talker, Space Rocker... Oh, Holy God, won't you fill my soul? And show me what's the everlasting goal... Is it life? Is it love? Is it clear to see... just what could last through eternity? Light skimmer, Light walker... Smooth talker, Space Rocker.

Album-Shades of Blue -1978.

Artist-Space Rocker and the Spoonful of Sugar.


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